We know what it feels like to take a risk for your passion because we’ve been there.

Our creative mission has been ongoing for more than 20 years. We are very thankful to all the support our clients have contributed to get us where we are today.

Building lasting relationships, offering more and more technology and stepping up our game is our flight plan moving forward. Come aboard and let us get you to your destination.

We Combine Creativity with Technical Know-How

Our skillset can help you craft an effective marketing strategy

Graphic Design

Logo Design & Branding

We design logos for all types of businesses from start-ups to long established businesses looking for an update. A well-designed logo not only gives your business the professional appearance it needs, it defines you in your industry.

Print Design

Our print designs are all about communicating your message and making an impact. Clean, eye-catching layouts that successfully meets your goals, deadline and budget.

Logo Design

Creating a logo is among the most important tasks for a business. With a simple glance, a logo can leave a lasting impression on your customer while also conveying certain characteristics about your business.

We’ve created over a 1000 logos over 30 years spanning across a multitude of industries.

During our discovery process, we will help you to identify the impression you’d like to convey, your color scheme, and a design that best suits your business.

Web Development

Web Design & Strategy

A winning web strategy means more than creating a pleasant looking website and throwing a bunch of information together.

At DanFree Design, we believe strongly in helping our clients to maximize their web investment by creating a carefully considered, targeted web strategy where each aspect of your site has purpose.

WordPress Development

WordPress is an open source content management system that currently runs 34% of all sites on the web.

While this platform isn’t the best fit for everyone, DanFree Design has chosen this platform because we feel it is a great fit for small-to-mid sized businesses.

Here are some reasons why:

  • The backend interface is intuitive and can be used by people with varying technical experience
  • The platform is browser-based allowing access from any computer
  • WordPress works very well with Search Engines
  • User management is a breeze and offers varying levels of permissions.
  • Theme and plugin development allow for continual site evolution from custom designs to adding new features
  • WordPress has a very robust and active community
Online Member Registration & Event Management

DanFree Design has a great deal of experience working with member-based associations, which heavily rely on the revenue they receive from memberships and event registrations, sponsorships, and donations.

However, given that business is increasingly mobile, associations are finding that they need an online, mobile-friendly solution for registrations and payment processing.

The problem is that mobile apps can be very expensive and often associations require a custom solution that many event management systems do not provide “out-of-the-box.”

Thankfully, DanFree Design has found a winning recipe that will allow you to implement a custom online membership and event management system at a reasonable price.

Our Process is Simple






Need Promotional Items for an Upcoming Event?

Consider these interesting facts about promotional products:

  • 80% of consumers own at least one promotional product
  • Among them, 53% use a promotional product each week and over half will hold onto that item for up to 2 years
  • Additionally, roughly 4 out of 10 consumers that have received a promotional product will continue to remember the advertiser long after receiving the item.
DanFree Design offers a wide variety of promotional products to help you make a lasting impression on your customers, while supporting your print and web marketing strategy

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“I have enjoyed a professional working relationship with Rosanne for a number of years and it always amazes me that she captures exactly what I am looking for, no matter what the job is. I feel like she lives the project with me and everything she does is just what I need at the moment.”

– Ruth Z.

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